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We don't identify problems, we come up with solutions



We provide the necessary legal assistance regarding all the problematic aspects of a contract. We can also help you to negociate, draft and review your agreements, that you will conclude with your commercial partners or providers.

How to start a business in Romania?

We can certainly assist you in setting up and register a company or in respect to any modification that may appear during the course of its business (directors changes, transfer of sharesactivity changes or the authorization of it).

Contracts review


We can ensure you legal advice in the all of the real estate aspects or in connection with the sale purchase agreements (land or buildings related) and we can also offer to you legal assistance in relation with the pre-contracts concluded with real estate developers.



We provide legal advice in relation with your firm authorization, fothe activity which you are going to carry out, even if there are commercial shops or electronic communications services providers.


Why do you need us?

(7 reasons)

1. Because we will minimize the inherent risks of your business with concrete measures. 

2. Because you will get quick answers to all your questions that may occur in your day-by-day activity.

3. Because you will get the most suitable legal solutions for your business, that we are fully dedicated to obtain.

4. Because you will save precious time that you can dedicate to your business and not for elucidating the legal aspects related to the activity. We have prepared years for this.

5. Because you don't need to waste time traveling to our office, as we collaborate online or by phone, so that the information exchange takes place instantly.

6. Because you will know from the beginning the total costs for our services, as we are fully transparent with all our clients.

7. And because you will know the real chances in your procedure, without any surprises, as we will present you the probable outcome.

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We are focused on the growing of your business, by providing the best legal solutions.

How are we going to do this?

We will be transparent during our collaboration, presenting to you right from the start which steps are needed, as well as all the related costs.


Our services will support your business and will bring added value. 

We will keep you updated on the status of the procedures carried out.

How it works?

Online or by phone, so that the information exchange  takes place in real time, and your time is maximized.



Phone: (+40).766.706.561


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