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It won't be so much about us, but how we can help you with

How we can help you with?

We can offer to you legal assistance in the fields as: civil law and corporate law, consisting of providing legal advice, drafting and reviewing corporate documents (GMS Decisions, Decisions of the Sole Shareholder, updating the articles of incorporation), drawing up and reviewing contracts, assistance before the Romanian Trade Register and other authorities.

We can provide to you legal assistance regarding the copyrights and other related rights. We can also help you with drafting and reviewing copyright assignment contracts.

We ensure to you legal assistance and representation before the Romanian authorities for the the sale and purchase of the agricultural lands located outsite the villages, in order to fulfill the preemption procedure applicable for his categories of lands, required by Law 17/2014.

We may draw up the necessary documents in order to fulfill the formalities regarding the identification and registration the ultimate beneficial owners for companies or firms and, as well as, for the non-patrimonial entities (associations, foundations).

We prepare legal reports related to the purchase of real estate (lands and constructions).


We analyze the building permits and provide legal opinions regarding the compliance of these with technical documentation and urban regulations (PUG, PUZ, PUD).


We draft and review the lease agreements with specific destination for offices or commercial spaces.


We provide legal assistance and representation before the Romanian court for non-profit entities (i.e., associations) consisting of its registration or any other modification of the statutory documents.

Despre Cristina

Professional experience:


Cristina Tudor began her professional career by working with one of the largest law firms on the market.

Within the law company, she has provided legal assistance for the portfolio clients, among them are both nationally recognized companies and globally recognized multinational companies.

Related to real estate law, she has provided legal advice in various projects as follows:

  • purchase of real estates (Lands or Building)

  • analysis of the administrative documents based on which was made the sale and purchase of real estate (i.e., building permits, certificates of urban planning etc.), as well as

  • transfer and takeover of the lease agreements for commercial premises or office buildings.

Education: Cristina Tudor graduated the Faculty of Law, within the University of Bucharest, in 2018, later obtaining the title of Master in Law.

Starting with 2018, she attended the courses of The National Institute for the Training and Improvement of Lawyers, graduating in 2020.


Main Projects:

She has provided legal assistance and representation before the National Authority for Administration and Regulation in Communications ("ANCOM") offered to one of the largest telecommunications operators on the market.

She assured legal assistance before the Ministry of Communications and Information Society and Romanian Car Registry offered to one of the alternative transport operators on the market, to obtain technical approvals and authorizations, necessary for the authorization of its activities

She has provided legal assistance for the acquisition of a Romanian company, by a foreign investor, whose main activity was represented by the suppling and production of automotive components for the main car manufacturers on the market.

She assured legal assistance within the projects regarding the purchase of the real estates (land and buildings) by a company recognized on the national market. She has also provided legal opinions regarding the ownership chain and the building permits. She has also drafted legal opinions regarding the compliance of these with the technical documentation and urban regulations (PUG, PUG, PUG).

She also provided legal assistance in the projects related to the acquisition of an office building and other commercial premises.

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