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Permits and Licences

Obtaining all the necessary approvals, legal permits or authorizations, when you intend to carry out a business, ensures your compliance with the all legal requirements and the absence of some irregularities that may generate huge fines for your business.


What do you need to know about legal permits?

(in 6 points)

1. Permits or authorizations are the preliminary documents nedeed by any business, even if we are talking about building permits, or we are talking about authorization necessary to carry out an economic activity.

2. Building Permit and Demolition Permit


As a principle, the execution of a building cannot be performed without a building permit. Furthermore, you cannot demolish any  construction without obtaining a demolition permit.

3. Authorization to operate your business. Business Permit

When you incorporate a company, the authorization of the NACE codes before the Trade Register is nedeed.

4. Authorization to operate as a restaurant.

In addition, to carry out food services, it is necessary to obtain, among other things, the operating permit that should be issued by the City Hall.

5. For performing your services in accordance with the legal provisions, we recommend you to obtain all the necessary authorizations for your business, to avoid any possible fines.

6. Most of the time, the authorization of your business before the Trade Registry is not sufficient (i.e., submitting the legal declaration in this regard, as such this may be accompanied, depending on the services specific, by obtaining additional permits and approvals.

Why do you need us?

(6 reasons)

1. We provide you legal assistance needed for obtaining the all necessary approvals and authorizations for your business.

2. We give you the support you need for the fulfilling of the all formalities required before the authorities and public institutions.

3. You are not sure if, for the activity you are going to perform, your company needs to obtain additional authorizations?

We are here to provide you all the assistance you need.

4. There is no need to present yourself in front of the public authorities for obtaining the necessary approvals and permits. We take care of this aspect.

5. You are not sure if for the construction which you are going to set up you need the building permit?

Contact us and we'll tell you which are the constructions for which no building permit is needed.

6. You don't know if you need to get a building permit?

Contact us and we will tell you what are the necessary steps you should take next to comply with the all legal provisions.

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