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A contract represents the most common mechanism met in our everyday activity; the most frequent ones are used for the purchase of goods and the provision of services.


This mechanism is reserved for both the professional relations of contractual partners as well as for the relations with end users of products or services.

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6 things most people don't know about contracts

1.The contracts are found in all activities carried out by economic operators, as well as by individuals, even if no document in this regard is really signed.

2.A contract is valid even if no document is signed, but only the invoice or tax receipt is issued.

3.Individuals conclude most often agreement in their capacity of consumers, when they purchase products or servicesget loans from the banks.

In many cases professionals introduce abusive clauses in their standard contracts, such as those relating to the modification of the terms of delivery or provision of services, without a real reason.  

4.In case of a non-execution of the contracts, their termination may be obtained even without going to court.

5.  Conclusion of contracts, in spite of any binding public provisions, anytime can lead to its termination at the request of any interested individual. Thus, even if an immediate effect cannot be observed shortly, after years the contract through which a land or a building was purchased may be terminated for this reasons.

6.You most likely will conclude
 a contract today when you pay for a meal at a restaurant, buy a product, or when you visit someone's website. 

Why should you consult a lawyer before signing a contract?

(6 reasons)

Because we are protecting your rights, providing you the necessary legal assistance regarding the conclusion, revision and negotiation of all the commercial contracts you need to sign everyday.

If you are a consumer, we can assist you with the revision and negotiation of clauses that you find in contracts proposed to you by the professionals (such as real estate developers and other traders), to protect your interests and cut out any abusive clauses.

Why do you need to review and amend this contracts?

1. Some clauses may violate the public laws and may be terminated at any time, at the request of any individual showing an interest in this regards.

2. For your liability limitation and preventing you for the payment of excessive costs which, in some cases, can be all excluded.

3. In the situation of preliminary sales contracts/ pre-contracts regarding apartments or other buildings, we can protect you from the risks of some unpredicted events such as delays in completion of works, financing refusal and so on.

4. If you are going to buy agricultural land outside the village, we can help you to fulfill the all formalities provided by Law 17/2014, for valid conclusion of this kind of contract, in the absence of which you may be sanctioned.

It is not enough to go to public notary to protect yourself from these sanctions.

5.  We can draft you the framework agreement for the provision of services, that may be used in the relationship with your contractual partners and that will protect you from their possible abuses.

6. We provide you legal advice needed for reviewing license agreements (copyright assignments) to protect your rights and to ensure that these contracts are legally drawn up, containing all provisions required by law.

Find out how we can help you!

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