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Acquisition of Agricultural Lands in Romania: Short insights

Updated: Nov 26, 2023

Acquisition of Agricultural Lands

Romania, with its rich agricultural lands, has become an attractive destination for investors looking to invest in this country.

However, the process of acquiring such lands is governed by specific rules and conditions.

This article show you the key aspects of acquiring agricultural lands in Romania, clear up the legal framework and considerations that potential investors need to keep in mind.

Legal Framework:

The acquisition of agricultural lands in Romania is set up by Law No. 17/2014 regarding the sale and purchase of agricultural lands located outside buildable areas. This law seek to protect agricultural lands and ensure their proper use.

Foreign individuals and legal entities may face certain restrictions or conditions when acquiring agricultural lands in Romania.

  1. Legal Entities:

  2. Individuals:

  3. A special procedure is nedeed:

  • Agricultural lands located outside the village may be aquired by the Romanians, only after they fulfill a preliminary procedure that can affect the validity of the sale purchase agreement.

  • Hostorical and Cultural building needs a special permit for aquisition. The Romanian authorities may ask to fulfill some conditions if you want to offer for sale this kind of building.

  • The acquisition of a historical bulding requires the approval of local and national authorities, including the Ministry of Culture. It is a bit complex process that involves the assessment of the impact and historical value of the monument.

Considerations for Investors:

Due Diligence:

  • Potential investors need to conduct the due diligence procedure for the targeted agricultural lands, considering factors such as soil quality, water availability, and compliance with environmental regulations.

  • Understanding local zoning and land use regulations is essential to ensure the intended use aligns with the legal framework.

  • Engaging with local communities is essential as well. This can help you to build positive relationships, address concerns, and contribute to the sustainable development of the region.

  • Investors should follow the environmental regulations and sustainable farming practices to protect the integrity of the land and surrounding ecosystems.


Acquiring agricultural lands in Romania involves a helpful legal framework designed to balance the interests of investors with the need to preserve these valuable resources. As Romania continues to attract agricultural investments, understanding and complying with the local rules is essential for those seeking to contribute to the country's agricultural development.

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