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Investing in Romania's Solar Energy Sector: A Legal Guide for International Investors

Updated: Jan 14

solar energy sector

Located at the crossroads of Europe, Romania is become visible as an attracting destination for renewable energy investments, particularly in solar power as a renewable energy.

If you are a foreign investor who consider opportunities in Romania's solar energy sector, this easy guide will provide you with essential insights and critical information to handle the market effectively with the assistance of our Romanian law firm.

However, before diving into this encouraging market as a foreign investor, you need to analyze the legal considerations that impact your energy investment.

The Romanian Solar Energy Market. Romanian Solar Energy Investments and Solar Energy Regulations

Romania benefits from a solar-friendly climate with more hours of annual sunshine.

Combined with favorable government requirements, solar power is now a highly attractive option for both local and international investors. Here are the key elements that mark Romania's solar energy market attractive:

  1. Feed-in Tariff (FiT) Romanian System: a stable FiT system which guarantees fixed tariffs for solar energy production. This financial security is a major point for investors.

  2. Green Certificates: Romania's green certificate system rewards renewable energy producers with green certificates which are tradable, providing an extra benefit for solar projects.

  3. Regulatory Framework. Renewable energy permits in Romania: Romania has established easy to understand and investor-friendly rules for renewable energy projects, ensuring transparency and ease of doing business. These renewable energy laws protect investors and encourage foreign investment through various benefits. The authorisation process is easier for prosumers than the producers.

  4. Infrastructure and Grid Connection. Grid Connection Agreements in Romania: Romania boasts a highly effective infrastructure, including a well-connected grid, well organizing the integration of solar projects into the energy market. You need a grid connection agreements if you want to invest here.

  5. EU Membership. Sustainable Energy Solutions in Romania: Romania's European Union membership opens doors for renewable energy projects support, making it an even more attractive destination for international investors.

Challenges in renewable energy projects. Green Energy Investments in Romania.

Solar Energy in Romania

Foreign investors should be mindful of certain challenges and considerations:

  1. Connection Delays. Grid connection challenges in Romania: While the grid is powerfull, connection delays have been reported occasionaly. Take into consideration more technical details for grid connection challenges in your project plans.

  2. Regulatory updates in energy sector: The energy sector's regulations may suffer modifications, affecting the existed projects and investment conditions. Stay informed about these updates to protect your solar energy investments.

  3. Land Acquisition for solar projects: Getting suitable land for solar projects may involve the assessment of the land-use regulations and negotiations with owners. Legal advice is essential in this process.

  4. Permits and Environmental Compliance in Romania: Complying with all the environmental requirements and obtaining the necessary permits can be complex and time-consuming. Legal assistance is needed to navigate these provisions smoothly.

Local expertise in renewable energy. Romanian law firm for solar projects

Navigating Romania's solar energy sector needs a legal partner with expertise in renewable energy and local requirements. When selecting a Romanian law firm to assist you, consider these factors:

  1. Local Knowledge in energy sector: Your partner should possess in-depth knowledge of local laws, regulations in Romania's solar energy sector.

  2. Languages: Effective communication is essential. Ensure the law firm has bilingual capabilities to bridge language barriers seamlessly.

Photovoltaic System Integration in Romania. EU Considerations for Romania

According with EU Market Outlook for Solar Power 2023-2027, Romania, following a period of lull, has achieved in 2023 a significant milestone in its renewable energy journey – over 1 GW of new solar capacity installed in one year between distributed generation and utility-scale projects. The new solar installations, equating to a 308% increase compared to the capacity deployed the previous year, have set a new record high since the early 2010s’ surge in renewable energy.

Romania has also set up a renewable energy target of 36% for 2030. When it comes to solar photovoltaic system, Romania foresees a total capacity of 8.3 GW by 2030, with a continuous increase up to 30.5 GW by 2050. This is a 63% increase compared with the previous 5.1 GW target, and about three times higher than the 2.9 GW currently installed capacity.

Solar Projects Financing and Incentives in Romania

There are different financing schemes availables for companies that would want to produce green energy in Romania.

Some Romanian banks and financial institutions offer green finance programs specifically designed to support renewable energy projects, including solar initiatives. These programs may include favorable loan terms, reduced interest rates, or special financing conditions for eligible projects.

Romania, as a member of the European Union, has also access to various EU funds and programs that may provide financial support for renewable energy projects.


Investing in solar energy market in Romania is not only a significant participation to the global toward green energy but also a gainful and sustainable avenue for financial growth.

With the appropriate legal guidance and a good investment strategy, your jump into Romania's solar power market can be both rewarding and safe.

You may access the expertise and support needed to navigate this growing sector successfully, by collaborating wih us. Our team will perform to ensure that your investments in Romania's solar power industry yield high returns while complying with local requirements and mitigating potential challenges.

Take advantage of the solar energy opportunities, and don't hesitate to contact our experienced team of legal advisors for expert guidance here:


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