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Discover Romania's EV Charging Station Permit Framework

Updated: Jan 16

charging station permits in Romania

Introduction. EV Romania.

Since electric vehicles (EVs) gain worldwide popularity and Romania positions itself as a leader in sustainable transport solutions, international investors and companies as well are seeking opportunities in the country's EV charging market.

To make easy this process, we present an overview of the legal aspects surrounding charging station permits in Romania. If you are an foreign investor considering business in the Romanian EV market, this article points out valuable insights.

Legal Aspects

Romania's approach to promote electric mobility is not reflected in a general framework yet, but this supporting EV infrastructure are mentioned by other related regulations.

As an exemple, Law no. 50/1991 which outlines the legal framework for obtaining building permits and the procedure involved in constructing and renovating buildings in Romania has a specific mention regarding the charging points for electric vehicles. This law points out a simplified procedure for obtaining building permits related to the EV infrastructure.

Permit Requirements

To operate and develop charging station in Romania, international investors or companies should be aware of the following:

a. Building Permit: Depending on the station's location and type, a building permit may be needed to ensure compliance with local building rules.

b. Environmental Permit: Stations may have environmental implications, potentially requiring an environmental permit to ensure minimal environmental impact.

c. Electrical Implications: Crucial for safety and regulatory compliance, the charging station need to meet electrical safety standards.

d. Operating Insights: International clients may be needed to obtain an operating authorization from the Romanian Regulatory Authorities to operate a public charging station.

e. Network Connection Agreement: Securing a grid connection contract with the local distribution network operator is necessary for the charging station's connection to the electrical network. This agreement specifies the technical and financial terms for the connection.

Technical Standards and Safety

Compliance with specific technical standards and safety regulations, as defined by the Romanian Authorities, is imperative for international investors and businesses. Make sure the charging station meets these standards is a preliminary condition for obtaining necessary permits.

Incentives and Support

The Romanian government may offer a range of incentives and support measures to encourage the development of charging infrastructure. International clients may benefit from financial support for installation, reduced taxation, and favorable grid access terms, among other advantages. Staying informed about these incentives can mitigate financial concerns related to charging station development.


Romania's legal framework for charging station permits starts to be well-designed to facilitate safe and efficient operation of EV charging infrastructure.

International clients interested in contributing to Romania's commitment to sustainable transportation can contact us at: or by phone at (+40)766.706.561 to understand and comply with the related regulations.

With the right permits and a commitment to sustainability, international investors and companies can become integral contributors to Romania's cleaner and more sustainable transportation future.


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