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Unlocking Romania's Building Permit Process: Your Gateway to Successful Construction Projects

In this guide, we provide insights that international inverstors should consider when deal with the Romanian building permit process.

Understanding all the legal aspects related to the building permits in Romania is essential for both local and international clients seeking to enter on construction projects.

Whether you're an outside investor, a property developer, or a business owner looking to expand, it's essential to find out the most important aspects of building permits in Romania.

In this guide, we provide insights that international inverstors should consider when deal with the Romanian building permit process.

Building Permits Types

Romania offers various types of permits tailored to different construction projects. As an international investor, it's important to be aware of these categories:

  • Building Permits: Required for new constructions, extensive renovations, or structural expansions.

  • Demolition Permits: Necessary when your are going to bring down a building or part of one.

For subdividing land into smaller plots for construction purposes you need a different permit called Planning Certificate.

Application Process

The process of obtaining building permits in Romania may seem to be complex, but it can be quickly done with proper guidance. Here's what to look for:

a. Documents Gathering: Put together all the necessary documentation, which may include architectural and technical plans, surveys, and other relevant paperwork.

b. Application Submission: Present your documents to the local authorities, typically at the city hall or town hall of the project location.

c. Evaluation and Approval: Local authorities shall review your application for compliance with zoning laws and building regulations, a process that can span from several weeks to several months.

d. Public Consultation: In some cases, a mandatory public consultation may be necessary, allowing the local community to voice concerns or objections regarding the project.

e. Permit Issuance: Upon approval, you will receive the building permit. This document outlines the project conditions and restrictions.

Navigating Zoning and Building Regulations

Understanding local zoning requirements is essential for your coming business. These buildings regulations state the accepted construction types, building dimensions, and design elements.

Environmental Impact Assessment

For large-scale and complex projects, an environmental impact assessment may be mandatory. This assessment presents the potential environmental impacts and suggests mitigation measures, if the case may be.

Public Consultation and Community Involvement

In some cases, particularly for projects with significant community impact, you should be advised that a public consultation is needed. This offers to the local community a chance to voice concerns, potentially leading to project adjustments.

Meeting Construction Deadlines

Building permit specifies a timeline for your project. International clients and investors should be compliant with this schedule to prevent fines or permit revocation.

Inspections and Regulatory Compliance

During the construction process, audits will be conducted to verify the compliance with the approved plans and building standards. You, as International investor, should cooperate with inspectors to avoid delays or penalties.

Post-Construction Documentation

Following project execution, you, as international investor, may need to submit post-construction documentation, such as as-built plans, confirming that the project was executed as approved.


Fulfilling the building permit process in Romania is important for international investors, pursuing construction projects in the country.

This guide provides you insights of the key aspects you should consider, ensuring your project complies with local regulations and progresses smoothly.

Consulting with experienced professionals, including architects, engineers, and legal advisors, is highly recommended to facilitate thecompliance with building permits in Romania.

For personalized guidance and support, consider collaboration with our Romanian law firm, dedicated to serving the legal needs in building projects. Contact us today at: or by phone at (+40)766.706.561.


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