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  • Cristina Tudor

Green Energy in Romania: Main Differences Between Prosumers and Producers

solar energy  - prosumers and producers


Romania's green energy sector getting a move on, with a surge in individuals and businesses actively contributing to the country's sustainable energy transition.

Prosumers and producers are at the forefront of this movement, each playing a unique role in shaping Romania's green energy landscape.

This article points out the distinctions between these two key players and their contributions to the nation's renewable energy sector.

Prosumers: The Green Energy New Comers

The term "prosumer" a fusion of "producer" and "consumer," incorporates those who both consume and generate energy. In the realm of green energy, prosumers are individuals or entities investing in renewable energy systems like solar panels and wind turbines.

  1. Residential Prosumers:

  • Individuals putting in place solar panels for energy independence, cost savings, and environmental consciousness and

  • Who have the ability to sell excess energy to the grid, fostering a more decentralized and resilient energy system.

  1. Commercial and Industrial Prosumers:

  • Businesses investing in renewable energy for cost reduction, corporate social responsibility, and compliance with environmental regulations.

  • Significant contributors to emissions reduction and recommends the sustainable business practices.

  • Unlike the producers, the prosumer does not have energy production as its main activity.

  • The prosumer can use equipment with an installed power < 400 kW.

Producers: Scaling Up Green Energy Infrastructure

Producers of green energy focus on large-scale generation, supplying energy to the grid and distributing it to end consumers through solar farms, wind turbines, hydropower plants, and biomass facilities.

  1. Utility-Scale Producers:

  • Companies operating large-scale renewable energy projects contributing significantly to the national energy grid.

  • Engagement in power purchase agreements with utilities or corporations to sell generated energy.

  • Authorized for production of green energy.

  1. Investment and Development Firms:

  • Entities identifying, financing, and developing renewable energy projects to expand the country's green energy infrastructure.

  • Collaboration with stakeholders, including government agencies, for navigating regulatory frameworks and securing necessary permits.

The producer focuses on the production of electricity from renewable sources, which means that the company need to perform this activity as a main one.

The producer uses systems with a power > 400 kW.

Other Differences

While prosumers and producers have distinct roles, their efforts complement each other, increasing Romania's transition to sustainable energy.

  1. Decentralization and Grid Resilience:

  • Prosumers decentralize the energy grid by generating power locally.

  • Producers enhance grid resilience through diversified energy sources.

  1. Public Awareness and Policy Advocacy:

  • Prosumers advocate for renewable energy at the grassroots level, inspiring others to adopt green practices.

  • Producers engage in policy advocacy, creating a favorable regulatory environment for further green energy development.


Romania's path to a greener future relies on the collaboration between the above presented prosumers and producers. While prosumers contribute on a smaller scale, their collective impact is significant, promoting a culture of sustainability and driving demand for renewable energy.

Producers play a vital role in reshaping the energy landscape by investing in large-scale projects, contributing to the national grid, and encouraging economic growth.

The harmony between these groups is pivotal in achieving Romania's renewable energy targets and building a sustainable future.

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